Friday, 29 July 2011

The beginning..

MeMyArt is an amazing adventure – a really exciting time – one idea expanding and morphing over the last year and slowly its coming together.

I am an art student full of all the hopes and delusions, the fear and trepidation of all of us. My favourite subject at school was Art (well actually Textiles), – in fact it was all I really cared about – and I knew I wanted to continue with it afterwards. I wasn’t exactly sure where or how, but I loved the creativity and excitement of it all, I knew its where I wanted to be.

So why did it all have to be so difficult? Why was I having to spend so much time doing stuff around art, but not actually doing art? I was having to spend endless hours getting my applications sorted for Art Foundation during my A levels, getting portfolios together, dreaming up my personal statements, researching universities and colleges AND trying to have a life. It seemed mad that this was the process, so time consuming and so far from actually doing art.

I left school last year – fortunately with a place on the Foundation course I was hoping for. Summer soon came round and slowly I became human again or at least somewhere near rational and I began to start thinking of a way that all this could be made that bit easier..

And so, last summer, it all began. I didn’t quite realise just what I was getting myself into, hopes and disappointment, laughter and tears, debt and more debt…