Monday, 30 April 2012

A1 and A2 Portfolio Winners

Thanks to everyone who took part in our survey – we really appreciated your replies both good and bad.
Luckily most of you loved it and we are really encouraged to keep improving and growing the site. Watch out for developments in the future.

We’ll be posting the results and all your comments soon when we’ll also be revealing the winner of the £100 prize.

See below if you are one of the 100 lucky winners of our great portfolios – if you missed out you can always buy them on the site – here’s what one of you said in the survey .. The prices are amazing as my A1 portfolio was pretty much half the price of a decent portfolio anywhere else and is top quality. Can't complain really!  And we also sell clear plastic sleeves to go in them.

Keep the comments rolling in – thanks Milly

Portfolio Winners
Fara sheikh
Alice tillett
Thomas Jones
Megan O'Hara
Charlie McShane
Annabel Hulme
Emily Church
Abi Delaney
Dom Warder
Laura Coppolaro
Miss Naomi Boobbyer
Helen Rowland
Annaliese Creasey
April Harvey
Beth Naish
Shajida Begum
Niall Doyle
Phillipa Micklewright
Yolanda Leask
Isabella Bowie
Gwendolen Coe
Michael Bacon
Thomas Perring
Katie McEwan
Annemarieke Kloosterhof
Yves Pacquing
Jimmy Lei
Sophia Levantis
Thomas Latham
Úna Haran
zahra munawar
Shanika Nevers
Andreia Gaspar da Costa
Nettle Grellier
Sam Bullock
Kathryn love
Milly Dagnell
Gemma Bagley
Pasquale Videtta
Chris Slesser
bridget askew
Holly Bowden
Holly Pascoe
James Collins
Rebecca Houlton
Laura Collazo
Maisy Osbon
Casey Smith-Beckford
clem collyer-bristow
Hana Aubad
Lucy Grice
paul anderson
Sue Fuller
Emma Buxton
Christian Moorhead
Wesley Hill
Anna Mundon
Grant Wilson
Bradley Guy
Sianay Woodbury
Francis Nurse
Aisha Al-Hadeethy
Jocelyn Roberts
Jessica Dally
Danny Hodgkinson
Joe Parker
Darren Ong You Jie
Nathaniel Fay
Sarah Hingley
Amy Rhead
Debra Plucknett
Caroline Jackson
Ambar Syed
Maria Kubiak
Bethany Coe
Yee Poon
Frank Foy
Alex McIntyre
Sophia Barber
Laura Bentley
Kirsty Ratcliffe
Sara Litherland
Kristel Vigo
Sharon Jones
Karen Flecknell
Kerry Grosvenor
Patrice McFarlane
Megan Welstead
Marnie Taylor
Natalie Murgatroyd
Omena Osivwemu
Katie McTernan
Bronwen Lewis
Esi Essel
Holly Farmer
Sian Williams

New portrait of Prince Philip

A new portrait of Prince Philip has been unveiled. The painting by the artist Jemma Phipps, who has previosuly painted pictures of the Queen and Prince Charles, was commissioned to hang in the Officer's Mess of the Queen's Royal Hussars.

According to the artist, Prince Philip sat for four 1 hour sessions and that"...he has a good sense of humour and can tell a good anecdote - he kept me on my toes."

The portrait will be on display at the Mall Galleries in London from May 3rd to 18th as part of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition.

Why not have a look at the portraits painted by Art Students at

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Art or Bullshit - who decides?

A review of Glasgow Festival of Visual Arts: The new Scottish colourists, in yesterday's Guardian art and design pages, has generated some caustic comments.

The Festival includes Charles Rennie Mackintosh spattered with paint, a diamond forged in the UK riots, and a bouncy Stonehenge.

The journalist, Chris Searle, ends his piece by saying "...This is not bad art, this is life." Does that then make it good art? Not according to a bunch of commentators on the article -
"Is this pretentious drivel for self-serving profile of the the crop of nouveau liberalist 'luvvies' this months Guardian prospective entrant for 'pseuds corner?" Ouch! 
"There were the Scottish colourists. And there is this." 
"It is a nice bouncy castle, but it most definitely is not art!"
And trying to bring the discussion some balance;
"Is it art? Or is it bullshit? You, the viewer, can decide...   "
A fair point and normally one we respond to by stroking our chins and (wisely?) declaring "Ahhh but what is art?" or some such artistic maxim. And of course we are forever trying to answer that question with varying degrees of success and, more often, much disagreement about the proposed definition.

If we define bullshit, does it help? If it's not bullshit is it art? Bullshit as a noun, and in describing the artist's output, can be defined as "Something worthless, deceptive, or insincere". Is the work worthless? that is best decided by the market or the commissioner. Deceptive? The artists may not have intended to deceive, but some viewers may feel deceived.  Insincere? probably not - and what if the artist sincerely wanted to bullshit the viewer?

Which brings us to the verb definition; "To attempt to mislead or deceive by talking nonsense", lets interchange talking with painting and creating? Mmm.. many writers have created artistic nonsense; James Thurber, Flann O'Brien, Theodore Roethke and John Lennon. Picasso declared that
"By amusing myself with all these games, all this nonsense, all these picture puzzles, I became famous... I am only a public entertainer who has understood his time."
Creating nonsense then does not make for bullshit, is it the attempt to mislead or deceive? no, the trompe-l'oeil has long been used by artists from Masaccio to Dali and Magritte.

So if an artist decided to create some nonsense work with a view to deceiving the public and even called it "Bullshit 1" and it was well received, then there is a fair case for calling it art.

No-one can tell you something is bad art or good art, OK they can tell you, but you do not have to agree, and if it's bullshit, it may still be good art.  As our balanced commentator above says - "You, the viewer, can decide", can being an important word!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Genghis Khan joins City of Sculpture Fest...

A 5 meter tall bronze sculpture of Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan has been unveiled in London.

The statue is the creation of Dashi Namdakov and will be located next to Cumberland Gate until early Sept.

The artist has an interest in the Nomadic Tribes of Mongolia and created the artwork in honour of the 850th anniversary of the warrior's birth. He commented "If I wanted to show him as a warrior I would have shown him as a warrior, but he is a thinker in this case. He is a divine figure in my country."

Westminster Council selected the statue as part of its ongoing City of Sculpture festival, which was launched in 2010.

More on the story here and here's a Warrior Woman by Anuujin Nyamaa on our own MeMyArt.