Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Our £100 winner is...

When we set out to survey MeMyArt members, we were hoping to find out what you liked about the site and where there was room for improvement.

We had many, many complements and kind words as well as a fair amount of criticism.  The winner was always going to be someone who could tell us where we were going right and point out where we needed  to pull up our socks! And the winner is... Alex Walsh who did just that.  You can read her comments below;
MeMyArt is my favourite website to upload art work to (over facebook and deviantart). I feel my art work gets displayed to a broader audience in comparison with facebook and I feel like a valued member of the website (due to personal emails recieved from Milly) which is lacking in deviantart. 
  • I really like the layout of the home page, especially the tiled display of user's art. This is an easy way to see new work as opposed to using just the search bar at the top. I also like the fact there is featured students and portfolios, when I was featured it increased my confidence in my art work!
  • The layout of my profile (with a profile picture, portfolios and thumbnails of my work) makes it easy to navigate through and see all of the work I have uploaded. 
  • I think the categories available to fill out whilst uploading art work (description, medium, size, subject, tags etc) are useful in allowing the artist to provide succinct information to the viewers of their work (and potential buyers!). 
  • The option to post art work on facebook and twitter is also a useful feature in getting art work more well-known and also in drawing attention to your MeMyArt profile.
  • I like the fact you can follow other artists and that they can follow you.
  • I think there needs to be easier navigation when you are viewing a piece of work to be able to go onto the next one (as opposed to having to go back to the profile and click on the next thumbnail)
  • It would be useful if notifications were more obvious; on facebook when another user comments on a photograph you receive a red notification at the top of the screen. A similar method would allow me to instantly see new comments, followers and inbox messages.
  • I have noticed some other users have re-posted my work on facebook and twitter but there is no link for me to see what they have said about it. 
Overall, I think MeMyArt is a brilliant way to share art work amongst like-minded students and a great platform in getting your art work noticed! I feel like a valued member of an online community.
Well Alex you and all our members are valued members of an online community, thanks to you all for responding and well done to Alex.

P.S. We are still chuckling at this feedback: "I'm a dinosuar rar... Send me the £100 and I won't lay eggs". 

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