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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

77 Tonne Sculpture - Slipstream is BIG!

77 Tonnes, that's quite a work of art.  Heathrow airport have unveiled plans for a new sculpture, called Slipstream, that will hang in Terminal 2.

Designed by Richard Wilson, the sculpture combines precision engineering with the "sense of velocity and movement of a stunt plane".

The piece, if piece is not too small a word, will be the longest permanent sculpture in Europe and will hang 20 metres from the ground when the Terminal opens in 2014.

Richard Turner, who has been a Royal Academician since 2006 and a Turner Prize nominee, draws heavily on the world of engineering and construction for inspiration. Slipstream is no exception using leading‐edge design technology, normally used by aerospace industry computer programmers, to translate the volume of an aircraft's movement through space.

"This work is a metaphor for travel," says Wilson of the design. "It is a journey from A to B, where sensations of velocity, acceleration and de-acceleration follow us at every undulation."

At we do not have anything quite that big, but how about a knitted aeroplane as created by Claire Platt, now we like that and it looks great!